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Nikon D200 Photographic Image Services

We offer a Digital photography Service using top of the range Nikon Digital SLR camera equipment.  We also offer image restoration (using EPSON Photo scanning), enhancement and format change services (see below).


Technical information (mainly for commercial users)

Our stunning images can be printed at 15 x 10 (381 x 254 mm) with around 300 dpi quality.  At double this print size, glossy magazine standard is still achievable without resizing the original image.  Use us for both consumer and commercial photography! We also employ "image upsizing" software to create poster size images.

  • Let us shoot your quality digital pictures at over 10 M-Pixels  resolution (in JPEG format) for Prints or for use in your electronic media.  For specialist applications, we can provide images at 10 M-Pixels Nikon RAW format (or NEF).  RAW or TIF files available by request in advance of shooting.
    We usually adopt the A-RGB colour space model.

  • Pictures can be supplied on CD / DVD ROM with specific terms and copyright conditions for your own use.

  • Don't need high resolution shots?  We can also shoot web images and newsprint pictures etc. We can provide pre-processed sizes down to your desired scale / size (ppi), adjusted to 150 or 70 dpi.

  • We cover both Industrial photography and consumer subjects.  Former 35mm format film SLR users for many years, now fully digital.



We are pleased to undertake local sports and social photo assignments (freelance) for Local newspapers and groups.

Image Services / Graphics Work

We provide image scanning from 1200 to 4800 DPI, image manipulation, Image resizing, Image format change, Image copying, image restoration and digital enhancement.


We produce small quantities (or master artworks) of posters cards and fliers, advertisements, colour business cards, location post cards etc.  These may combine computer generated art and digital pictures.

These are ideal for businesses where design change is frequently required. For large orders, we subcontract to a local print house.


 Industry standard Adobe Photoshop post processing.


Image Restoration, Enhancement, Format change etc:

  • Want to change image formats (i.e. JPG to TIF?), Change sizes or enhance images.  Convert paper images to electronic format?  We can do all this and more.
  • Want to recreate past memories, sepia and monochrome (B&W) pictures from colour originals.  All this plus enhancement of damaged picture areas, removal of flash 'red eye' and other picture effects available.
  • Copy and enhance old faded pictures, talk to us now, we can undertake most projects.
  • Image preparation both for laser or photo quality printing.
  • Let us help you produce sparkling illustrated fliers and brochures.


In-House Photo & Colour Laser Printing (Proofs and Masters & Small Batch Runs).  Client photographs printed by a professional photo lab unless advised otherwise.

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